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We love our Anniversary gift! We commissioned Tim Webb to paint this for us. Thank you Tim! We are thrilled with it! You exceeded our expectations. Deb and Mike Millikan 


I recently purchased Transient Marshlands. I have admired Tim's work for quite some time, but when I saw this particular piece I didn't hesitate in making the purchase.  Tim's use of color and texture are exquisite.  This piece has become such a lovely addition to my home collection.  Each time I look at it I'm immediately transported to a place of ferns, Spanish moss and where live oaks sway on warm summer breezes.  Tim is wonderful to work with and the quality of the work speaks for itself.  His canvases are well constructed and hang beautifully on the wall without the need to frame if you are so inclined.  I highly recommend purchasing from Tim Webb.  You will not regret the beauty and joy his work will offer to your space.

Mandy Trainer 


COVID-19 has temporarily changed the way we live—from how we learn, work, worship, and…shop for art. As local art enthusiasts, gone are the days of leisurely strolling through galleries to find the next artist whose story inspires and whose art stirs the emotion. In walks Tim Webb with his online art shop at

 As a long-time graphic designer, Tim flexed his art muscle when COVID first hit the States and shutdowns loomed. A creator of abstract art, Tim’s work is vibrant, flowing and dramatic. Using color to evoke memories of a happier time and movement to remind us this too shall pass.

 We quickly fell down the rabbit hole. Purchasing two pieces and commissioning a third. The commissioning process was flawless. Tim clearly outlined terms and delivery for the commission, maintained excellent communication throughout the process and delivered ahead of schedule. Tim was able to take a rough idea and turn it into a wonderful work of art that is now a centerpiece in our collection.

Chris Power



I have long admired Tim’s work and creativity as a graphic designer, but his talent with paint and canvas has simply blown me away.  I purchased "Bomboncita" because I LOVE the colors and the fluidity of the image.  I smile every time I look at it.  I’ve hung it in my office at work on a wall that gets much visibility to passers-by hoping to spread a little cheer and inspiration.  Many have stopped to come in for a closer look or to comment on how gorgeous it is, which makes me smile even more!

Leah Pollock



We ordered Hallows Eve on August 9, 2020. We requested the art to be shipped to us (we live in another state). Tim Webb Abstract Art assured us that the art would be carefully packed for shipment. On August 10 I was notified (via email) that the package was on its way and provided the UPS tracking number. On August 12 I received an email that the package was Out for Delivery.  A few hours later the package was delivered to my home. The package arrived with no visible damage. Each of the three panels were in excellent condition and ready for hanging.

We love our new art and look forward to enjoying it for many years.

Kelly and Brett Powers


My wife and I couldn't me more thrilled with Tim's "Stormy Bouquet". The layers of colors and texture brought a perfect contrast to a room that was mostly blacks, greys and white.  Tim's joy absolutely comes through in his work as it evokes that feeling every time we see it.

Damon Ward


I have known Tim Webb's top notch work as a graphic designer, but didn't know he was an artist. I was immediately impressed with his art work and fell in love with a tri-panel piece called "A Carnival of Color," which now is the conversation piece of my living room. It's interesting and beautiful and I am proud to own it. It has put fun and whimsy and, yes, color into my home. Thank you, Tim!

Jim Kobbe


Dark and Stormy Night is somehow even more stunning in person! As soon as you walk into the room this painting draws the eye. Tim's work has brought an air of mystery and intrigue into my home and I couldn't be more happy with this piece! Thanks so much! 
Chelsea Pinkerton

"Amor" it is the first time ever that I have bought a painting. I was so move with the bright colors that Tim put in this specifically.  Also I can see the detail on the painting, phenomenal! Amor has a place in my house now. I received the art painting in good conditions. It is light and already has the brackets with perfect dimensions so it was very easy for me to hang on the wall!!

Elsa Mcguire